CONSORTIUM MEETING KICK-OFF : 21/12/20 (google meet)




Welcome to participants, Short presentation of all partners, their institution/organization Project management board constitution, Introduction to the STITCH Project, Work package overview. Work schedule and deliverables, Present management procedures., Define the roles and responsibilities, next steps.
Project management board constitution:

  1. Hacer Creativo – Mrs. Roberta Bueso
  2. UFO – Mrs. Manuela Mece
  3. Museum of Prato – Mr. Filippo Guarini
  4. Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – Mrs. Zsófia Asegu

STITCH Kick-off meeting MINUTES

CONSORTIUM MEETING : 14/01/21 (google meet)

A review of activities for the next 3 months by IO and partner in charge and next steps.

CONSORTIUM MEETING : 24/02/21 (google meet)

IO Progress reports and format and quality standards set by leaders. 

Google Drive – Shared folders with contents for IO, Communications, quality, etc.

IO3 Work Meeting 16/03/21 (in person + google meet)

Intellectual Output 3 work Meetings:
Since dresses were sent for 3D scans to Spain, a separate meeting was organized with University representatives and artisans to dress each of the mannequins correctly:

  1. Dressing mannequins with artisans for 3D scan ANSÓ Region Dress (9am to 4pm) – 16/03/21



IO3 Work Meeting : 19/04/21 (google meet)

Meeting: Dressing mannequins with artisans for 3D scan PALÓC Region Dress (19/04/21)


IO3 Work Meeting : 30/04/21 (google meet)

Meeting: Dressing mannequins with artisans for 3D scan MIRDITA Region Dress (30/04/21)


IO1 Work Meeting : 21/05/21 (google meet)

IO1 Meeting to decide on format of the catalogue, Laura Fiesoli from Museo del Tessuto leads the meeting and comments on the alternatives for visual inspiration that the catalogue can include and shares excel for partners to complete with all the details needed. Rest of the partners collaborate and propose additions and ideas.


CONSORTIUM MEETING : 04/06/21 (google meet)

IO and WP reporting from leaders and each of the partners. Partners see first drafts of 3D scans.

Readjusting activities, deadlines and sharing work that has been done.



IO 2 Work Meetings : 15/06/21, 1/07/21, 8/07/21

Output 4 workgroup via google meet to discuss moodle platform, course contents and possibilities. Partners work with google Drive to share the course syllabus and contents. 

CONSORTIUM MEETING : 17/09/21 (google meet)

Preparation of the C1 Learning Activity to take place in Prato, Italy from 04/10/21 – 07/10/21.

Progress Reports on IO presentation on behalf of all partners.

CONSORTIUM MEETING : 06/10/21 (Prato, Italy)

With the C1 activity taking place, the Project Management Board, who met physically on this occasion for the first time, managed to have a brief meeting to review next steps and discuss possibilities for the project in the near future. 

CONSORTIUM MEETING : 12/11/21 (google meet)
  • Intellectual outputs pending tasks. 
  • Re-schedule agenda for future events and activities.
  • Work on Re-Stitch DesignCompetition
  • Content for Social Media


CONSORTIUM MEETING : 21/01/22 (google meet)

Consortium works on RE-STITCH design contest rules

Updates on pending Output work from each partner – Catalogue on Tura pieces completed including 3D. 

Review doubts regarding National Agency information on Virtual activities for Multiplier Events.  


CONSORTIUM MEETING : 11/03/22 (google meet)

STITCH Learning program courses to begin soon at Universities (UFO, MOME & HC).

MULTIPLIER EVENT possible dates and agendas for each of the local events to take place.

TRANSNATIONAL PARTNER MEETING : 14/06/22 12h at Hacer Creativo. Zaragoza, Spain

For this meeting, partners were in Zaragoza for the RE-STITCH design competition show that will take place at night, therefore 2 participants from each of the HEI were able to participate which was great as the teachers involved in the course were able to attend besides from the PMB. The main objective was the evaluation of the online course, the re-stitch design participations and discuss posibilites for the course to continue and be taken by others in the future.

This meeting also served to review all the proposals and agree on the winner for the Re-STITCH design competition.

Participant attendance: Course Evaluation and RE-STITCH votes


FINAL TRANSNATIONAL PARTNER MEETING : 23/09/22 3pm at MOME Art & Design, Budapest

Objective: The meeting was fundamental to face together the final management and budget control issues, have a final check of Intellectual Outputs, prepare the final report actions and for the final discussion about the cooperation, the challenges faced, the results obtained and the opportunities for future improvement in order to approve a sustainability plan and future exploitation.

Meeting Minutes: 

Meeting Participants: 4 – Final Meeting