This exhibition was not contemplated as part of the STITCH project, but the great collaboration between the participating entities in Spain led to the organization of the exhibition: “Ansó y sus trajes: tradición e inspiración”.

The exhibition was organized by Museo de Zaragoza and HAC_R Creativo (leading STITCH partner).

The Museo de Zaragoza was reopening their Ethnology Section after more that 5 years closed. The section happens to be housed at a replica of a home from Ansó. It was ideal for the house to reopen with a temporary exhibition that could show, among other materials, the results from the STITCH project that were dedicated to the Ansó Dress.

Opening date: September 24, 2021.

Organizing entities:

  • Government of Aragon – Department of Education, Culture and Sports; Directorate General of Culture and Heritage through Museum of Zaragoza;
  • Hacer Creativo Centro Superior de Diseño
  • STITCH Project – Erasmus+

Collaborating entities:

  • Ansó City Council
  • Integra Tecnología
  • Enrique Carrera Estudio.


Ansó y sus trajes: tradición e inspiración