STITCH team visits Museum of Ethnography in Budapest

After the final meeting that took place on Friday 23 September 2022 at MOME, the STITCH team visited the new Museum of Ethnography in Budapest.  An amazing display at the temporary exhibition titled “We have arrived” which included a bridal hair wreath from Tura.

STITCH presented at Universidad de Palermo's XVI Design School Forum

The STITCH Project results were presented at the II Plenary Sessions of the XVI Design School Forum (XVI Foro de Escuelas de Diseño) organized by Universidad de Palermo hosted July 2022.  A special interest was shown on behalf of the participating institutions who commented were very interested in sharing the contents with students and professors. Traditional Dress in Latin American countries is also of great heritage value and an infinite source of inspiration, reasons why the STITCH project tools for the better study and dissemination of these dresses was of great interest.

The Forum of Design Schools is the network of institutions and educational spaces of all levels and modalities that act in the field of Design. It currently groups more than 350 institutions (faculties, schools, institutes and other organizational forms) of all levels and from Latin American countries and with growing participation from other countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, South Korea, France, Italy and the United States.

The project was presented at the plenary session by Roberta Bueso, from Hacer Creativo.


"ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA" at Centro Cívico Delicias's "Muestra Aragonesa de Cortos".

On Friday 2 September 2022, the documentary “ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA” directed by HAC_R audiovisual media teacher, Isabel Aparicio, was screened at the Centro Cívico Delicias in their “Muestra Aragonesa de Cortos”.

Our teacher Isabel has been very proactive in finding possible screenings for the Documentary, we are very thankful from the STITCH project, as this is a great way of promoting the work done and disseminating the importance of the craft and preservation of this Aragonese dress.

This work is one of the pieces that make up the STITCH project.


STITCH’s “ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA” has won best costume and best original music at the XI PREMIOS SIMON.

These two awards are specially significant because they recognize a special part of what the STITCH project intended teach techniques, tell stories and showcase cultural manifestations.


Below the recordings of the GALA:





Filmoteca de Zaragoza screens STITCH's "ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA"

As part of the screening of the documentaries and films nominated to the XI Premios Simón, STITCH’s “ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA” was played at the Filmoteca de Zaragoza on June 23, 2022.

Thanks once again to HAC_R teacher Isabel Aparicio for her work towards the dissemination of the project and Ansó’s heritage.

The programming for the Filmoteca de Zaragoza on the week of June 20-24th 2022.

RE-STITCH Design Contest deadline coming up!

Deadline for RE-STITCH design contest coming up.

All the Details  >>>> RE-STITCH

92 participants in STITCH Multiplier Event in Prato, Italy

On May 19th, The Fashion Talk and Workshop: “Tessuti e Abiti Tradizionali: Memoria e Risorsa Creativa” at Museo del Tessuto in Prato Italy, with the objective of disseminating project results to the local public. 92 participants, specially young students took part in the talks and workshops. The event was a success in both the audience that was reached (young students) and the overall great interest and participation on the thematic of the STITCH project and its results.

STITCH documentary nominated to Simón Aragonese Film Awards

The Aragonese Film Academy (ACA) announces a new edition of the Simón Aragonese Film Awards, its XI Edition, in recognition of Aragonese films and  professionals who have participated in different audiovisual works released during the year 2021.

Among the nominees this year is the documentary “Ansó: rasmia, funcias y muita historia” by Isabel Aparicio made as part of the Erasmus+ project STITCH. Besides the nomination for best documentary, the documentary has recieved a nomination for “Best Costume” a nomination to the A Cadiera Association which is a big step in the recognition and dissemination of the work and conservation they do of the Traditional Dress of Ansó.

The awards gala will be held on June 25 at the Palacio de Congresos in Huesca at 8 pm

The full documentary is available in the STITCH official YouTube channel:

Above: The official Documentary poster

Below: Images of the documentary’s making of.


Albanian Univeristy students visit Elbasan and learn from the craft of glass
These activities took place in another town – in Elbasan on 24/03/2022. The craftsman shown in the pictures below demonstrates the students how he process the glass to get the final result. It is a craft in extinction and Professor Andi Papastefani wanted to trigger an interest and value in students for other crafts and processes part of Albanian Heritage that are in risk of extinction. 
STITCH project in local Prato Newspaper

STITCH project in local Prato Newspaper regarding the presentation of the project at the EFHA Conference.

Text translation:

“The high craftsmanship can be a qualitative and creative revival for for contemporary fashion. This is with the preservation of products and techniques but also with the transmission of intangible values such as knowledge and professionalism connected to trades and techniques at risk of extinction. This is the theme on which many experts and experts and insiders at an international level international level, during an important online conference organized by the European Fashion Heritage Association in collaboration with the Textile Museum Textile Museum and the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. 

The Prato Museum participated with an intervention on the theme ancient heritage as a source of inspiration for young designers in the textile and clothing sector, illustrating the actions that is carrying out within the European project “STITCH – Safeguarding and Teaching Intangible Textile Culture Heritage” of which it is a partner: 

Enhancing the traditional dress of some areas of Spain, Albania and Hungary through innovative digital tools in order to preserve the memory and promote its creative use ( Today the Association counts more than of 40 institutions and private groups united in the objective of sharing their own heritage of clothing accessories, fabrics, sketches, photographs, etc., and to give them free access. It has become a leading international hub leader for the management of European digitized heritage and for the management of metadata and integrated digital platforms where archives, museums, libraries brands, researchers and creatives can share experiences and good practices in the field of digitization, online access and valorization of fashion heritage, contributing to the digital transformation in the sector.”

HAC_R students begin with STITCH learning programme

The first day of classes of the Stitch learning programme with teacher Fermín Castillo, they have successfully registered for the course on our STITCH platform 

23 students from HAC_R BA Design studies have signed up and are taking the STITCH learning programme.

The refinement of tradition: Multiplier Event at the National Ethnographic Museum of Berat, Albania

The National Ethnographic Museum of Berat was the selected place for the ME in Alabania, a rich cultural heritage site where UFO was able to share ideas on education and digital preservation of cultural heritage. 

Firstly, a workshop with detailed explanations of the weaving and craftsmanship of the structure, sewing of traditional costumes, decorations, shown with so much passion and love by the curator of this Museum, Gladiola Caka, attracted the attention of the participants. The richness and variety of ceremonial civilian clothes, as well as those of everyday life of women or men used in the city of Berat and in the province of Myzeqe 100 – 200 years ago, have been closely appreciated by the participants. 

The director of the Museum, the artist Agron Polovina, briefly recounted the great effort of this museum in the collection and conservation of these rare objects, as well as the promotion of the culture of Berat, which every year is enriched with new elements from the same old inhabitants of this City of “one on one windows”. Together with Prof. Andi Papastefani from UFO and who is closely linked to Berat,  opened the debate to participants on the importance of education to continue preserving and giving value to the Cultural Heritage such as the one in Berat. 

Prof. Papastefani shared with the participants the idea behind the STITCH projects, its objectives and showed the tools developed and how they can serve to promote and specially among the younger generations. Special interest was shown towards the online catalogue and the innovation of the 3D models with the hotspots that illustrate very well where each piece should be placed and how.

Finally, The archaeologist Dritan Çoku,  served as guide to participants to the roots of this Museum City revealed one by one the “secrets” of the two dominant cultures, Eastern and Western; objects of worship built side by side, as a testimony to the tradition of religious harmony in our country.

Berat, as a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, always surprises you with the wonderful discoveries it brings every time you visit it.

Let these illustrative photos be your greeting cards for a healthy, auspicious and successful New Year!

First Prize in the IV Aragonese Young Creators to Enrique Carrera's "Trasunto", a project supported by STITCH


The gala for the IV Prize for Aragonese Young Creators 2021 -organized by the Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud and the Government of Aragón-, was held on 15th December. Enrique Carrera received the First Prize for his collection ‘Trasunto’. The collection is a re-interpretation of the Ansó Traditonal Dresses. Enrique’s collection was brought to life thanks to the funding of the Ansó Town Council and the support and encouragement from the STITCH team at HAC_R.

The Councilor for Citizenship and Social Rights stressed the importance of this call, which is “an opportunity for artists and researchers who are now recognized figures” and which “fosters creativity and innovation”.


A big congratulations to Enrique (HAC_R alumni) for this great accomplishment!  


Below, the first time back in March 2021 when the STITCH team presented Enrque to the Town Council members in Ansó. On this day, Enrique explained in detail his project to the Ansó representatives and they agreed to contribute in the financing of Enrique’s collection.

Below, images from 15 December 2021, when Enrique recieved the prize for this collection and the link to the complete Gala ceremony click HERE



Around 45 attendees at the screening of "ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA" at Centro de Historias Zaragoza

On Thursday, November 25 2021, the documentary “ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA” directed by HAC_R audiovisual media teacher, Isabel Aparicio, was screened at the Centro de Historias de Zaragoza with about 45 attendees.  
The film is an approach to the experiences and history around the traditional dresses from Ansó, a source of inspiration for artists such as writers, painters, photographers, filmmakers and fashion designers. 

This work is one of the pieces that make up the STITCH project.

Isabel Aparicio, film director, presenting the documentary and sharing behind the scenes anecdotes with the attendees. 

Ansó Town Council and Municipal Wardrobe Association visit the exhibition "Ansó y sus trajes Tradición e Inspiración"

On 16th December Ansó Town Council members and women from the Municipal Wardrobe Association visit the exhibition.


STITCH Project mentioned in the introduction of the book "Ansó: El Traje Popular"

HAC_R attends the presentation of the book: “Ansó: El Traje Popular” written by Elena Gusano and Dabi Latas. Elena Gusano has greatly contributed in the STITCH project and she has personally mentioned it in the introduction to her book and in her intervention in the STITCH documentary.


Student visit to the Exhibition: "Ansó y sus trajes Tradición e Inspiración"

On Nov. 27th, students from all courses visit the exhibition with professors Fermin Castillo (Exhibition Coordinator), Marino Martinez and Isabel Aparicio. The group of students was also accompanied by Carmelo Esteban, a photographer who’s work documenting the Ansó dress was part of the exhibition and has greatly collaborated with the STITCH project as well. 

STITCH presented at the 2021 European Fashion Heritage Association symposium.


Laura Fiesoli, from Museo del Tessuto di Prato, presented  the STITCH project on 10 December 2021 at the EFHA International Symposium, titled “Crafting Heritage” focused on exploring how fashion and its products – textiles, accessories and clothes – can inform a better understanding of the relationship between craftsmanship and heritage. Laura in her presentation titled 𝘌𝘶𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘦𝘢𝘯 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘤𝘰𝘴𝘵𝘶𝘮𝘦𝘴: 𝘦𝘯𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 “𝘚𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩” 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵  gave all the details regading the project and its sincere search and aim to reach younger generations and involve education in crafts and heritage.

The symposium presented experiences in researching and establishing methodologies to preserve fashion objects and the knowledge they bear in their materiality; special collaborative projects related to the collection and study of tangible and intangible heritage; craft as “language” of activism, updating – through digital technologies – past making processes.

Laura’s presentation has been a great opportunity to widen the dissemination of the STITCH project results and transmit the great value of education and innovation in the preservation of textile heritage to the more than 300 registered participants.

The videos are now available on the EFHA vimeo page, below is the round table where Laura participated:

The symposium considers fashion as starting point to reflect on human and environmental sustainability, abiding by the agenda of NEB – New European Bauhaus, of which EFHA is official partner.

More information >

On behalf of Museo del Tessuto, a press release was sent, it can be found below:

Student Competition at Albanian University
The photo-collages show the activities implemented with student during the month of December.
The presentation and selection of the best works of the students of the Department of Art Design continues, inspired and based on elements of our cultural heritage.
The Competition was initiated by the STITCH project – Safeguarding and Teaching Intangible Textile Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the Department of Art Design and the Albanian University Career and Alumni Office. The variety of authentic elements, styled with finesse, shows the originality of these works, but also makes it pretty difficult to select the winner by the commission led by the Coordinator of this project at the University Prof. Assoc. Dr. Manuela Meçe.
The best works, judged with transparency by the participants of this Competition will be evaluated by international specialists in the field.
The competition continues

Student creation, culture heritage, education, higher education

Behind the scenes of the Tura/Palóc Film by MOME

HAC_R Student paints an artwork for the exhibition "Ansó y sus trajes Tradición e Inspiración"

Student Alba García from second year of HAC_R’s Fashion Design BA has painted the artwork titled “Ansotana” with mixed techniques. 

The incredible painting is shown below, it integrates many elements behind the conception of the STITCH project and Erasmus+ in general: innovation, creativity, inclusion, respect for tradition and cultural richness.

Exhibition "Ansó y sus trajes: tradición e inspiración" organized by STITCH together with Museo de Zaragoza

One specific collaboration has taken place with Museo de Zaragoza. STITCH project has been presented in an exhibition organized together by Museo de Zaragoza, STITCH project and Hacer Creativo titled “Ansó y sus trajes: tradición e inspiración” .

Museo de Zaragoza contacted Hacer Creativo as they would be re-opening their Ehtnological Section that happens to be a recreation of a home from Ansó, and were looking for content for their Temporary exhibition space.

The idea behind STITCH and the project itself has been presented in this space in an ongoing exhibition. For its inauguration, a press conference was held with the participation of Victor Lucea, General Director of Culture of the Government of Aragon, Isidro Aguilera, Director of the Museum of Zaragoza, and representation for STITCH project and Hacer Creativo with Juan Benito (HAC_R director) and Fermin Castillo (Exhibition Coordinator) . In his intervention, Víctor Lucea, from the Government of Aragón stressed that this exhibition “highlights the innovative nature of culture”.

Exhibition Inauguration. September 24, 2021.  Víctor Lucea, from the Government of Aragón stressed that it: “highlights the innovative nature of culture”.


Informative panels from the exhibition:

Photographs from the exhibition:



Premiere of the STITCH film "ANSÓ: RASMIA, FUNCIAS Y MUITA HISTORIA" at the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Ansó Traditional Dress Day

The good relationship with the Town Council of Ansó led STITCH to collaborate with the Ansó Traditional Dress Week 2021, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Ansó Traditional Dress Day (which was in 2020, but due to the pandemic there was no celebration). For this occasion, the STITCH team of Hacer Creativo collaborated with the presentation of the film/documentary “Ansó: Rasmia, Funcias y Muita Historia”. A first version of the film  for the STITCH Project in which many of the people of the town had collaborated. There could not be a better time for a first preview of the documentary, this festivity is of imperative importance for the people of Ansó, speeding up the work to make it on time for a “premiere” partly was a way of thanking them for their open collaboration with the STITCH project.

Isabel Aparicio (film director), Roberta Bueso and Juan Benito from Hacer Creativo and Monste Castán, Mayor of Ansó at the premiere presentation in the Town of Ansó.

Behind the scenes of the Ansó film by HAC_R (filming in Madrid)

HAC_R travelled to Madrid to film the specialists of Museo Sorolla, Museo del Traje – CIPE and Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares on 28th June 2021. Covadonga Pitarch from Museo Sorolla and Concha Herranz from Museo del Traje collaborated with the STITCH project giving their testimonials as specialists in the field of the Ansó Dress in each of their collections. On another hand, Elena Gusano,  specialist in Aragonese traditional clothing, was filmed commenting the Ansó Women’s Festive Dress at the Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares, where the Dress was featured as dress of the month the following month of July 2021.

Their complete testimonials will be available on our YouTube Channel: STITCH YOUTUBE




Behind the scenes of Ansó film by HAC_R (filming in Ansó)

Albanian University runway with Design Students

Fashion Show at a Hotel in Tirania took place on 1st September 2021 as an activity with design Students from Albanian University who learned about the dress the Traditional Mirdita Costume and learned about the details and the craft value of each of the pieces that makeup the dress  as an activity for the STITCH project. The students selected the pieces that most inspired them for the catwalk.


Initial Press Release + Media Coverage

Inital Press Release and media coverage links can be found below:


Inital Press Release

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