Activities & Events




  • ACTIVITY 2: 14- 16 JUNE 2022 – Deep immergence into the Traditional Costume of Ansó  (Zaragoza)

First day (June 14, 2022):

  • Welcome to participants
  • Preparation of exhibition space for the RE-STITCH design event on behalf of all partner universities (both teachers and students)
  • Presentation and viewing of Documentary on Ansó traditional costume.


 Second day (June 15, 2022):

  • Visit to the La Seo Cathedral and La Seo Chapterhouse Tapestry Museum – a case of one of a kind textile heritage preservation and conservation.
    • Located in La Seo Cathedral, the museum is home to a major collection of tapestries belonging to the Cathedral Chapter, which experts consider to be the most important of its kind in the world. It comprises 63 Flemish tapestries and 6 pieces of heraldic embroidery. They are of very high quality, many dating from medieval times in the Gothic style, while others are Renaissance and Baroque.
  • Lunch with traditional Spanish food.
  • Student Re-STITCH Design Competition proposal presentations.


Third day (June 16, 2022):

  • Visit to Casa Alfaro – artisans show traditional way of making espadrilles (shoe of most regional/traditional dresses in Spain).
  • Carmelo Esteban presentation on his over 40 years photographing the Ansó Traditional Dress.
  • Dabí Latas, from Asociación Sempiterna, gave a workshop on Aragonse Traditional Dress and his traditional dress private collection.


  • ACTIVITY 1: 5-7 OCTOBER 2021 – Connecting the Past with the Future of the Fashion Industry (Prato)

First day (October 5, 2021) : Visit to the Textile Museum of Prato (STITCH project partner) who had organized a visit to the permanent collection and the Turandot Costume Exhibition. For our specific visit and in direct relation to the project, the main Museum curator Daniela Degl’Innocenti, had prepared a selection of traditional costumes from their archive which she commented on and explained in full detail. The Textile Museum of Prato is Italy’s largest center for study, conservation and exhibition of historic and contemporary textiles. 

Second day (October 6, 2021) : The activities continue at the Textile Museum of Prato with the STITCH Catalogue presentation, traditional dress in Europe and past and future innovation from tradition group presentations and discussions. An interesting exchange between participants regarding the importance of cultural appropriation vs. cultural inspiration.

As a second part of the activity, the team from Textile Museum of Prato including Daniela Degl’Innocenti, Laura Fiesoli and Filippo Guarini, elaborated on the understanding of different catalogue techniques currently used to enhance and communicate textile heritage regarding the different objectives . Consortium members learned about the specific methodologies in cataloguing and reviving them in new creative designs. Prato also exchanged with consortium participants their experience and advice regarding stakeholder involvement, engagement and winning local support.

STITCH partners also have a meeting where we put together ideas for strengthening and improving the project results, activities and events and discuss next steps to follow

Last day (October 7, 2021): STITCH team traveled from Prato to Florence, continuing to discover the richness of textiles in Tuscany, on this day the focus was put on Silk and on innovation from tradition.The STITCH group have a guided tour to the SETA exhibition. This exhibition aims to reveal the long and complex process that leads to the creation of a printed silk scarf, the perfect union of extraordinary creative intuition and high-level industrial craftsmanship, taking as its example the Maison Salvatore Ferragamo. STITCH partners also visit Museo Gucci, which commemorates Gucci’s remarkable 90-year history but with a modern, innovative and creative new vision which also fits in perfectly with the concept behind the STITCH project. 



  • ZARAGOZA: 17 JUNE 2022: Re-Stitch Competition 

Before the Runway, with over 300 attendees to the Fashion Show, part of the programming of the Aragon Fashion Week 2022, the following video was played on the huge screens: 

  • PRATO: 19 May 2022: Revival of traditional costume through online cataloguing 

  • BUDAPEST: APRIL 2022: Teaching Intangible Heritage 

  • December 2021. BERAT, ALBANIA: Our Heritage our Future – how education helps to preserve.


Prato, Italy. October 2021